And now it’s time for something completely different…

I spent all last night listening to the 2007 Big Business album Here Come The Waterworks. This album makes me want to pound PBR, crush the can against my forehead, and possibly make myself bleed—it would be okay if I was doing this while listening to Big Business. After that confession, it seems redundant to say I’m a huge fan of the Melvins and stoner metal en générale, but I just did, so deal with it.  The boys from Big Business (Coady Willis of Murder City Devils and Jared Warren of Karp) joined the Melvins lineup in ‘06 so it’s relevant. Here Come the Waterworks is for sure the best of their 3 albums, so check it out before 05’s Head For the Shallow and 09’s Mind the Drift. If you like what you hear, go for all 3, duh.

That’s it for my pearl of aural wisdom for today because it’s 60, sunny, and I need to go ride my bike somewhere.

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