I’ve been working at this trendy coffee shop in Philly. Both locations are in the recently gentrified Queen Village neighborhood. I remember when this locale was home to the infamous Southwark high-rise housing projects, the one’s with 190˚ radiators that gave tiny babies 3rd degree burns. Shout out M & D, I remember you terrifying me with that story and subsequently reminding me that I should “count my blessings and be glad that we’re not on welfare.” It worked, I’m very thankful that I don’t have permanent facial scarring, but I digress… While the neighborhood has been on the up-and-up for sometime now, there are still some weirdos who come around. I’ve already had several encounters with this tranqued out regular who always tries to have the exact same conversation with me after he orders his large chai and asks “if it’s sweet” (duh). One of the best things about working here is that we get to play our own music and I frequently play dubstep for good coffee shop vibes. So every time Mr. Tranqued-out-weirdo comes in for his  very sweet chai he asks me a series of questions and it goes something like this:

Weirdo: Is this dubstep you’re playing?

Me: Yes.

Weirdo: Do you like drum & bass?

Me: No.

Weirdo: Have you ever been to fluid for drum & bass night?

Me: No.

Weirdo: Who are you playing right now?

…and most recently the answer has been “Skream.” Believe it or not, the convo goes downhill from there and mostly consists of me trying to pretend like I’m busier than I actually am, so I don’t have to talk to him. Also, I think he might be shooting up in the bathroom…

Anyway, Skream! Skream whose real name is Oliver Jones is more of a child-prodigy producer than anything else, but he also makes some sick music by his lonesome. I’ve shared one of my favorite tracks here with you. The track is “Rutten” off his ‘06 album Skream!. Be sure to check out his more recent remixes of hyped artists like La Roux and Bat For Lashes— I find both boring on their own, but Skream makes them sound like something special.

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